Tricks & Treats – Happy Halloween

I have had very mixed feelings about Halloween over the years. When I was young it was something to look forward to. The first exciting Holiday after school started. The boatloads of candy you would get while Trick or Treating. Sometimes it was so cold, you had to pretty much cover up your whole costume in winter gear. And then you get to high school… The pressure of picking the perfect costume, of not looking like a fool, of trying to find something creative enough that it was “cool”… it was too much. In fact, I actually use to pretend to be sick when Halloween fell on a weekday in high school. I felt the same way in college until I went to Rutgers. Then it was balls to the walls slut fest. I mean what a perfect way to show off the hot bod you weren’t the least bit worthy of considering the amount of alcohol you consumed and lack of gym time you put in. I miss those days!

 Halloween Collage


I honestly wish I had plans for Halloween after stumbling upon this video last year. I am so jealous of this guys ability to zombify himself.

Considering, I do not have the time, skills, or plans to pull this off, I have zombified myself using What an awesome website; I use it for almost everything.

Myself, Zombified.

Myself, Zombified.

And to keep up with my Halloween Spirit this year, I did actually plan the Children’s Spooktacular at work.  Complete with Hayrides, Pumpkin Decorating and Games.  It was fun, but exhausting.  Another reason to reconsider having kids…

Children's Spooktacular

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