Sweet Dreaming

Lately I have been completely refocusing my energy on moving. It has been more stressful than I thought: shopping endlessly in the hopes of stumbling across something that fits what you have been envisioning tirelessly in your head. Committing to those pieces, knowing that you will be stuck with them for quite some time, and arranging and rearranging things in your head. From color schemes to decor my mind is on complete overload. At the end of this, I will never want to see another Home Goods again.

Maybe the singularly most important component to me is my bed. This is where I spend a lot of time reading, writing and just chilling out overall, and I want it to be fabulous. Though I haven’t found the wherewithal to commit to anything just yet, I have stumbled on a ton of inspirations. Neutrals and pale pops of color to soothe even after the most stressful of days. Checkout the highlights from my Pin Board, Sweet Dreams.

Pin Board, Sweet Dreams
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Sweet Dreaming

2 Responses to “Sweet Dreaming

  • In love with the Rosette Quilt from Anthropologie on your Pin board!

    • Me too… I think I am going to try a linen duvet cover from belle notte linens, they look so comfy.

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