“Big” Dreams

There was a time in college I did not have TV.  TRAGIC!  I know…

I depended on my DVD player (do those still exist?)  to keep me occupied.  When I wasn’t listening to music, I kept the DVDs rolling while I was getting ready to go out, falling asleep, and in the background while I was attempting to cram for some exam I didn’t stand a chance at.

A lot of the time, I ran out of new things to watch and relied on TV series that had enough seasons that I wouldn’t get sick of it.  Hence why I pretty much know every line of every episode of Sex in the City.

At the time I thought, or should I say begged to a higher being, that would never be me: thirty-four and single, three life changing and heartbreaking relationships, an overall feeling of hopelessness…  But as the years pass (seven from that time to be exact), and off a recent breakup, I am starting to find more parallels in my life and that of the fabulous “NY Single Girl”

Reality Check:  You live in Boondocks, NJ

Regardless … for now I will ignore the above fact.  The truth is, everyone is searching for their Mr. Big.  And what is that really teaching us?  Mr. Big never treated Carrie the way she deserved; he was arrogant, unavailable, distant and closed off.  He showed her hints of potential and whispers of what would be a great love but failed to deliver.  And Carrie, like most of us gals, hung on to the desperate belief that he would eventually come around and give her the love she deserved, the love she wholeheartedly and unconditionally gave.

After the series concluded and to this day, ‘single girls’ everywhere then believed in a preconceived notion that we will end up with our ‘great love’.  I am not exempt.  I sometimes feel myself holding on to the hope that I am at the 75 minute mark of a 90 minute rom-com; waiting in limbo for that happy ending.

Reality Check #2: It’s not coming.

So as I continue to keep on, keepin’ on, I leave you with a few of my favorite quotes from Sex and the City.

Sex and the City

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