Midnight Ramblings


I get to do a lot of thinking on my drive to and from work. Sometimes I try to pump myself up for the work day ahead. Get a few morning laughs in with the Z Morning Zoo. Try not to let the mundane awareness of my day get the best of me.

I strive to start off each and everyday positively… now that positivity may diminish withing the first 15 minutes of work… facing twelve unanswered voice mails and 2am emails from your boss who does not sleep, but the effort is there.

It is the drive home that gets me every time. The wheels of my overworked brain churning and churning.

I wish I could shut it off.

Click the switch and feel numbness for that 45 minutes, where you are just completely in it with yourself.

I started to feel myself getting emotional on the drive home today; Thanksgiving just a day away, the holidays around the corner, the cheerful loneliness of it all. And at that moment I decided something; I decided that being sad just because I miss you, is way better than being sad when I am with you.

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