Most people use the new year as a chance for new beginnings.  I am guilty of this every year; ‘new year, new you’.  it feels like a good time, a fresh start.  I cannot tell you how many countless times  my friends and I said at our drunkest hour “this is our year!”… much to our dismay… it turning to be out exactly like the last, uninspired and unchanging no matter how hard we worked, how much sweat and tears we put into improving our lives… moral was low.

But for some reason, every time the seasons change, so does my my sense of being.  Every time the air gets crisp: whether it be the brisk air and smell of leaves in the fall, the first time you step outside and feel the shocking cold of winter on your face, the first warm day in spring you don’t need a jacket, or the warm, starry summer night you spend on the beach until daybreak listening to the waves crash along the shoreline.

I love the uniqueness and difference of all the seasons; each make me both sad and hopeful that things are changing.  The piscean duality.  I am waiting for the moment that the season changes and I feel an overwhelming sense of hope and happiness, but for now I need to focus on energizing myself to get through this phase of my life, to find things in my life to look forward to, to learn to love again, to learn new things… to LIVE INSPIRED.


Yes, Live Inspired.  No matter by what means.  I recently was speaking to a friend who has been inspired through following different artists on Instagram.  And she, even admitted she felt silly saying that Instagram has set off this new fire within her to be creative.  And to that point, I am so thankful I have friends that do not have to filter their true feelings in front of me.  But no matter what sets off that creativity within you, grab the courage to share it with people.  Live inspired.  Keep believing.

Season Change

Season Change

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