Happy New Year!

Many of us look to the New Year as a fresh start, a new beginning and a time to change.  It is a tad silly to think we wait until Jan 1st to set our goals, when we really should continuously be setting and achieving our goals regardless of date.  However, like many of you, I will be using Jan 1 as my excuse to write a list of goals.  Notice that these will not be resolutions, goals just sound more official than resolutions.  In fact, the definition of a goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.  Whereas a resolution is simply a formal expression of opinion or intention made.  Therefore we should really be aiming to resolve our goals.


Are you still following me?

I do have a horrible habit of starting upon my goals and never really committing to them 100%.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe I make to many, maybe they aren’t realistic enough, maybe they aren’t fully achievable under the given circumstances.  This year I resolve to set more obtainable goals as well as setting milestones for accomplishing them.  And being that you will be privy to these goals, you can periodically check up on me to see where I am at.

So here we go … 2013 Goals

Keep Moderately Obsessed up to date.  
This will be the absolute test of me sticking to something that I have started!  When I look back a year from now I would like to see this blog has grown into something I can be proud of.  I can always use your help, opinions and input.  Blog ideas are always welcome :)

Be Nicer to My Significant Other
Because really, what is my excuse not to be?  Nurture the relationship which nurtures you.

Stay Healthy, Continue to Eat Better and Lose a Few LBS.
You know how I was talking about not fully committing to things or waiting to set goals.  Well a healthier lifestyle is something I have been fairly consistent with since last December; it is something I will most definitely keep up.  Sure I would like to lose weight, and although that is important to me that isn’t my main goal here.  The more physically fit I am, the better I feel mentally and emotionally, and that is what I am striving for.

Finally Learn the Guitar
you know how I was talking about not fully committing to things… well this is one of them that falls under that category.  If anyone has any advice on this one as far as getting started, I am all ears.

Travel more Often
Although I would love to travel to exotic places and beaches, I would also love to see the United States.  I feel there are many places right here in our country that are beautiful and under-rated.

Improve upon Creativity.
Read More, Write More, Take More Pictures.
I would also like to learn Photoshop.  Yes I knew the basics in College, but I would like to utilize it more within Moderately Obsessed, and my Chloe and Isabel business.

Stay Organized and Uncluttered.
A constant battle!  Ideally more closet space would help, but I have to work with what I’ve got ;)

What are some of your goals for 2013?  Declaring it our loud to other people will help you keep on track with them.  Sound off!

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  • I am always saying I want to see the United States more! And I am also always saying I want to see Amanda Maloney more! Would love a combo!

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