The Cost of Company

Who knew the cost of sweet company would run so deep?

All My Favorite Movie Characters are Named Penny

I am finally finding time to catch up… on movies and books and writing. I love this quote from the movie, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, and have also realized thus far, all my favorite movie characters are named Penny.

A little bit of summer…

Maintain a little bit of summer.

Oh I have just been putting this off…

I am really just frustrated with the whole, “This is Your Year” and “New Year, New You” concept.


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Late Night Session Part 2

I think I need to get away for awhile I am tired old friend Tired of the incessant thought of you running through my head Yes I think I need to get away for while Somewhere far from here Where the sun sets late on an orange sky and the waves wash over my feet […]

Late Night Session

A more productive use of your time when sleep continues to fail you.

So you say you can’t sleep…

So you can’t f’in sleep … Again … 1. Try, try so hard. Flip the pillow to the cold side. Are you comfortable yet? No. Are you having sleep anxiety yes. Begin counting down the hours, “If I fall asleep now, I’ll get five hours of sleep.” 2. Get up and get some water. Look […]

Midnight Ramblings

And at that moment I decided something; I decided that being sad just because I miss you, is way better than being sad when I am with you.

“Big” Dreams

I sometimes feel myself holding on to the hope that I am at the 75 minute mark of a 90 minute rom-com; waiting in limbo for that happy ending.