Late Night Session

A more productive use of your time when sleep continues to fail you.

So you say you can’t sleep…

So you can’t f’in sleep … Again … 1. Try, try so hard. Flip the pillow to the cold side. Are you comfortable yet? No. Are you having sleep anxiety yes. Begin counting down the hours, “If I fall asleep now, I’ll get five hours of sleep.” 2. Get up and get some water. Look […]

Midnight Ramblings

And at that moment I decided something; I decided that being sad just because I miss you, is way better than being sad when I am with you.

Sephora Favorties

My ‘most wonderful time of the year’. Sephora Gift Giving!

Like Crazy

Imagining we can recreate that perfect moment, and everything will fall back into place. The reality is people change. Life is full of uncertainty. We have to be able to take risks, and we have to be able to see a future past a memory of what once was.

Tricks & Treats – Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat!

“Big” Dreams

I sometimes feel myself holding on to the hope that I am at the 75 minute mark of a 90 minute rom-com; waiting in limbo for that happy ending.

Throw Back Thursday: Vintage Kate Moss

Vintage Kate Moss. I have always thought she was so beautiful.


Flipping through the snapshots. Overwhelmed with memories.


I cannot tell you how many countless times my friends and I said at our drunkest hour “this is our year!”… much to our dismay… it turning to be out exactly like the last, uninspired and unchanging