All My Favorite Movie Characters are Named Penny

I wasn’t overly excited about watching “Seeking a Friends for the End of the World”. It was on, and I was restless. It kept my attention between the endless loads of laundry that had piled up for the past two weeks. The movie had the ability to silence the thoughts in my head, and allowed me to escape to the simplicity of something other than my own being.

It wasn’t until one of the final scenes that “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” really gained my true attention and affection for it’s characters. We have just come to realize in this scene that Dodge truly loves Penny, and because Penny does not know that yet, or her own feelings for that matter, she eloquently speaks true to herself.

Penny: I’m gonna do all the things I missed out on for so long.
Dodge: That sounds great.
Penny: It is.
I’m not gonna waste my time on the wrong person.
I’m not gonna waste my parents’ time
introducing them to some future stranger.
And no more days spent picking
out what you’re gonna wear
for nights that don’t mean anything.
No more wondering whether you’re
with the right person,
or if this is the guy that you’re
meant to have kids with.
All those ridiculous questions.
It’s liberating. That’s what it is.
Dodge: Maybe you just haven’t met the right guy.
Penny: You’re a really nice person.
Dodge: You are an awful judge of character.
Penny: I’m gonna fix that.
Dodge: Okay.

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