Are you having an Adult Snow Day?

So You Have a Snow Day…

Snow Days … have you had one since you were 17? The absolute joy of it! When I was younger, I would pray for snow days; sleep with my pajamas inside out and will the snow to fall heavily enough that when I awoke from slumber, my mother would say “go back to sleep”! Then about the time I turned 12, that early morning joy turned into a feeling of dread; I was just old enough at that point for dad to say “get dressed and grab a shovel!” Fingers froze and shoulders burned … that was the worst.

Nowadays, you rarely get a “snow day” as an adult. I am luckier than most, considering I work at a golf course, but even so, I rarely get a snow day. Snow days as a child were the best; dressing in our warmest clothes, building the saddest snowman known to man, and going sledding on one of the many “hills” in Hillsborough. Then came College, and the stocking up on Natty Ice (hey it went with the snowy theme) and Sailor Jerry’s and seeing where the day took you… which trust me, usually led to no good but an absolutely fabulous time which I do not remember.

All that is well and good, but as an Adult (am I really considered an adult?) Snow Days became much different. I am not saying I used my “early dismissal” from work yesterday to do laundry or clean up, as only an adult would, but I did find myself taking advantage of the extra hours in the day. I came home and practiced yoga in my feverish desire to do a press handstand this calendar year. I also made myself an actual dinner, I found the time to blog, and I even found the time to watch some mindless TV. Pure Joy!

And even after my relaxing afternoon, I will still sleep with my pajamas inside out tonight. Because even thought I am an adult, and I can work from home, I would really like a Snow Day. If for nothing else than to give myself the two extra hours in the day that commuting consumes. If I in fact do have a snow day, below is the timeline of the things I wish to accomplish:

1) Wake up at a decent hour
Preferably the same time I have to get up as when I am working, although let’s face it, I usually give myself an extra hour anyway after hitting the snooze button for the fourth time.

2) Work Out
This is usually reserved as an evening activity when I get off work. However, I will be super pumped to get my workout out of the way in the morning. 1) you just feel more productive throughout the day and 2) it really does wake you up and 3) you burn more calories throughout the day than if you work out later than the day. This will come in handy for number four.

3) Practice new hair & makeup styles you have been eyeing on Pinterest.

I have just worked out; I showered, and now I have two options. Put on my sweats and vege like a sloth, or put myself together. It is really not even a question? Considering I get ready for work normally in 20 minutes less, this time is here to embrace, try out new things and actually do my hair. It feels good to feel pretty.

4) Relax and Imbibe
All this fuss about getting my fitness on and doing my hair … I can’t forget about my previously described college self. You have a Snow Day in College, you run to the nearest liquor store, stock up on Natty Ice and Sailor Jerry’s and have a fucking case race. Not the case now? Sure things have changed, but that isn’t any reason to not celebrate this epic milestone in your adult career. And by Epic Milestone, I mean Snow Day. Have a Bloody Mary will you?! And if you feel weird about indulging by yourself, chances are, if you are stuck home so is someone else nearby. Get these people together. Nothing says celebration like having off from work!

5) Board Games/Cards.
What goes together better than a Cocktail and Scrabble, or if you are feeling extra randy and want to throw your money away, some Texas Hold Em’? It is a unsaid rule in my family’s household that if you are playing poker you must be drinking whiskey of the Irish variety. Play hard or don’t play at all. Or let your Mother play and break out Taboo … watch what happens…

6) Yawn
At this point in time, I am feeling the late afternoon slump. You know the one you usually get at work, but since you’ve worked out in the morning and have been home drinking all day that “slump” has elevated to full on nap status. Do not give in! Chances are by now the movie theater has reopened or you can find something awesome in your archives.

My favorite Snow Day Movies:
(because they are mindless and fun, and I can watch them pretty much on repeat and never really have to pay attention)
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
The Devil Wears Prada
Magic Mike
and wait… yah, that’s it… lame list…

If none of those movies are on, it is time to start a TV Series you haven’t seen yet. Pick one you can just catch up to in time for the final season. For example, my last Snow Day I caught up on the first two seasons of Girls… and now I can watch in real time every Sunday.

7) zzzzzzz!
Wake up! It is still early and if I fall asleep now, I will never wake up in time for work tomorrow.

8) Be Productive
I have startled myself awake from a nap. Here is were I should be productive. Pick up my apartment, do my laundry, maybe prepare some food for tomorrow, blog, write, read, do something that will engage my mind in my post alcoholic, movie absorbed being.

9) Prepare..
Prepare for tomorrow, because all of the sudden it is 12:30am and tomorrow is just going to suck as much as you know and dread it will at this particular moment.

But hey, look at the bright side, it means one less day to go before the weekend.

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